Give Your Child a World-Class Math Education . . .

Singapore’s children have been ranked number one in the world in mathematics
Since 1995. And now their proven K-5 math program is finally
available online -for less than $8.00 a month

  • Created by the #1 education publisher in Singapore
  • Used at home by over 70% of Singapore’s students
  • Aligned to the common Core State Standards
Meet Math Buddies!

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Math Buddies!!
  • Why Singapore Math?
    Why Singapore Math?

    Currently, over 40 countries and hundreds of top public and private schools in the United States have adopted the Singapore Math curriculum, and thousands train their teachers to use Singapore instructional strategies. The Singapore curriculum was one of the main…

  • Why Math Buddies?
    Why Math Buddies?

    What makes Math Buddies the right choice? Math Buddies was created by the best teachers in Singapore - the worldleader in math. Math Buddies is created and maintained by the number one education publisher in Singapore. Math Buddies is incredibly…

  • What is Math Buddies
    What is Math Buddies

    Math Buddies is an online digital curriculum that is currently in use by over 70% of Singapore's student population.Math Buddies: is designed to support learning math using the Singapore Mathematics Approach adopts the same teaching principles from Singapore's world famous…

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